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Brand-new TTRPG, The Vynestra Collection on Kickstarter supported by All About Games Consulting

Rome-inspired 5e city-setting The Vynestra Collection, is live until October 19th 2023!

This brand-new high fantasy setting and supplementary content books are live on Kickstarter right now!

The Vynestra Collection utilises the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition system to immerse players in a world inspired by Roman culture and modern-day Venice. The Collection is comprised of 5 books in both digital and physical formats that contain hundreds of pages of lore:

The World of Vynestra, an introduction to the rich world of Vynestra;

The Aldarin Empire, an introduction to the people and empire of Aldarin;

Deveros, The Amethyst Crown, a sprawling, 20 district city setting which delves into the capital of the Aldarin Empire;

Sif’s Guide to the Creatures of Deveros, which details over 100 new monsters intended to accompany Deveros, The Amethyst Crown and;

Blood Tithes, Chapter 1, the first chapter of Deveros’s first campaign setting, which takes players from Levels 1-5 as they explore the underbelly of Cruorse Isle near Deveros and clash against the Vampiric Order.

The Vynestra Collection offers tabletop RPG players the chance to become demi-gods using the game’s unique Ember ability system, which take the form of magical tattoos that grant a bounty of over 200 abilities.

The Vynestra Collection also features a plethora of other content across its 5-book product range:

 - Nearly 1,000 pages of detailed, fresh new lore, spells, magical items, races, backgrounds, feats, adventures and encounters.
 - A 600+ location city
 - Diverse and inclusive NPCs
 - Dozens of organisations, guilds, and cults
 - 40+ new spells
 - 25+ new magical items
 - 20+ deities
 - 6 new player subclasses
 - 100+ new monsters
 - 15+ exciting encounters
 - And lots more!


If you want to learn more about The Vynestra Collection come visit All About Games Consulting at SPIEL Essen in Hall 3 booth G120!