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Designing the Tokyo subway, sinking into a frenzy of letters or attracting cheeky sugar monsters - fans of Flip & Write games, fast card games and kids will get their money's worth at HCM Kinzel in Hall 5, N132.

Two Flip & Write games not only for globetrotters: NEXT STATION LONDON is among the TOP Ten at the Deutscher Spiele Preis 2023, and its successor NEXT STATION TOKYO, with its more challenging gameplay, will now be presented for the first time in Essen at SPIEL.

While NEXT STATION LONDON by Matthew Dunstan is one of the youngest and most challenging representatives of the Flip & Write games and takes players through 13 districts of London, the new Flip & Write game takes them across Tokyo. The game poses slightly more challenges than its predecessor. Both games are playable alone and with up to four players. 

In Color Flush, speed is of the essence. Draw, flip and, swap cards until the collection of cards in your hand consists of one color. But the tide can turn unexpectedly. The player whose turn it is may perform one of three actions: pass or discard a card on the draw pile, take a card from the other player or turn over a card.

Speed Letters is a mad rush of letters, the perfect wrap-up of a game night. With the word you're looking for in the middle of the table, a good dose of concentration and with 26 letter cards in hand, the "letters" start flying into the chest. Those who always get it right and didn’t through in doubles are rewarded with gems at the end.

In TENSION, the new guessing game from HCM Kinzel, two teams compete against each other. The questions are about Italian pasta, pizza toppings, superheroes, or Abba songs. The answers given must match the ten suggested answers on the card in the score counter. The teams follow each other on a game board.

Cheeky sugar monsters live in the game Gumminis. In the attractively designed children's game by Marco Teubner, kids aged six and up try to multiply their delicious fruits - with a lot of skill in the sugar bowl. But this is not so easy with the cheeky sugar monsters. Good weighing of the options is learned here in a playful way.

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