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Loot - The official game for SPIEL Essen

Even though there will of course be tons of new games at SPIEL, the coolest game at the fair is already clear: Together with Skellig Games, we are incredibly proud to present “Loot”, the official game for SPIEL Essen by successful author Ralf zur Linde.

Meeps is at the most beautiful games fair in the world and wants to visit as many booths as possible. In “Loot”, you can help Meeps do this by planning your moves cleverly and not letting yourself be pushed into a corner. Collect extra points and unlock special abilities in this exciting, family-friendly roll-and-meeps game for 2-4 players aged 8 and up. 

You will be able to discover and buy Loot at SPIEL Essen 2024 at the Skellig stand and from us.