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Brand-New Releases by Alley Cat games

Alley Cat Games (ACG) is all set to release some exciting games at Essen Spiel 2023. As proud sponsors of this year’s event, ACG is thrilled to present an exciting lineup of new games that are sure to captivate everyone attending this year’s show. Find us at Stand 3N120

  1. The UNFOLD Series: Unravel the Mystery!

Embark on a thrilling journey like never before with 'The UNFOLD Series,' an innovative take on the escape room genre. Each story in this unique series is enclosed within an envelope - unfold and unveil the unfolding adventure that lies within.

As you progress through the story, you will find yourself immersed in an enthralling narrative, full of twists, challenges, and surprises. Collaborate with your friends or family to solve puzzles and crack codes that will reveal the next step in each unfolding story. With multiple scenarios to explore, 'The UNFOLD Series' promises endless excitement 

  1. Arborea: Explore a Lush Fantasy World

For fans of medium-heavy euro games, 'Arborea' is a must-play from Alley Cat Games' "advanced" line. Set in an enthralling fantasy world, this game invites players to renew the world of Arborea as a guiding forest spirit.

Send your workers travelling down paths, harness the power of mystical creatures, and gather valuable shared resources to renew the world or Arborea. With stunning artwork and deep gameplay mechanics, 'Arborea' promises an immersive and rewarding experience for seasoned gamers seeking a new challenge in a beautiful mystical world.

  1. Paper Dungeons: Sidequest - Extend Your Adventure!

Prepare for an epic expansion to the beloved 'Paper Dungeons' - introducing 'Paper Dungeons: Sidequest.' and face terrifying new monsters in this highly anticipated expansion. Delve into perilous dungeons, encounter new foes and monsters, embark on all new sidequests. Prepare to venture forth again into the Paper Dungeons!

Visit the Alley Cat Games Booth (Stand 3N120) at Essen Spiel to witness the unveiling of these incredible games and more!