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A thriving economy with high productivity and promising profit yields - the country of Astoria is an insider's tip for aspiring businessmen to rake in a fortune. However, if you want to become the tycoon of Astoria, you have to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions. With "Raccoon Tycoon", the Viennese games publisher Piatnik will be presenting the best-selling game from the USA, an exciting and emotional family game with a slightly ironic setting.

On the other hand, things get serious at Lord Waldemar's tea ceremony. In the old manor full of reputable, wealthy guests, something is not quite right. Cunning thieves mingle with the party guests in search of valuable trinkets. Luckily, host Lord Waldemar has wisely hired detectives. The classic tea time is quickly transformed into "Tea Time Crime", a fun and challenging game for the whole family. Who will be able to expose the thieves in the end with the help of the detectives?

Or how about just digging for your own treasure? In the Egyptian "Saqqara" valuable artifacts are waiting under the hot desert sand. The deeper you dig, the more precious the finds. During the adventurous search, treasures are dug up and taken as hand cards or finds are added to the common collection in the centre of the table. However, only cards with ascending values can be put down! Those who are able to complete rows, get valuable points. Therefore you need to keep an eye on the competition, correctly assess the action and use good timing in order to grab the most finds and bonuses at the end .

Feel free to stop by the Piatnik booth – moving into Hall 5 booth G111 this year - to try out these and other family novelties! All fans of our revolutionary quiz game will also meet at the "Smart 10" booth in the Galeria. More info at: