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Three Revolutionary Studios Join Forces At SPIEL Essen

Revolutionary Japanese creators Oink Games, Itten and Saashi & Saashi are rapidly gaining international recognition and will join forces for this year’s SPIEL! Be part of this special collaboration!  

Oink Games

Known for unique games in compact boxes, including last year’s SdJ nominee ScoutDeep Sea AdventureA Fake Artist Goes to New York and Insider. Starting out at small indie events in Japan, they have grown to have fans all over the world.


Whale to Look

A collab between Jun Sasaki, Deep Sea Adventure’s creator, and French master Bruno Faidutti!

Your tourist boats are out at sea without knowing where whales will emerge. Then you notice your rival’s boats are… wait, over there!? Consider what you know and how the other players move, then deduce the information unknown to you to win!




With a distinct style featuring simple physical components, Itten has first turned heads with Tokyo Highway and since then created one unique game after another, such as Moon Base or Crash Octopus.


Funbrick Series

A series of games by Dr. Reiner Knizia and other designers in minimalist, stylish boxes. Despite being rather light, they are sure to fascinate you with their originality and twists!


Saashi & Saashi

Though their titles like Let’s Make a Bus Route or COFFEE ROASTER had success overseas with remakes for EU and NA, this is their first time at SPIEL.

With unique & warm world views/themes, represented by the combo of Saashi’s design & Takako Takarai’s illustrations, they take great care in reducing language dependence, so everyone can play their games.



The 2nd collab between Saashi and Singaporean designer Daryl Chow. 1-4 players compete to transport passengers on luxury liners.
How will you place the wooden passenger pieces on the cabin tiles? Enjoy the game’s simple, yet challenging rules and its gorgeous components like vividly colored tiles and boards.